Aerial yoga is one of the fastest growing forms of yoga practice. Become certified to teach yoga suspended from the silk hammock with Leva, the most comprehensive Aerial yoga training in the world. It's not just yoga. Freedom of movement is our mission! We infuse our practice with the best of yoga but are not limited by it. Leva movements come from dance, Pilates, body weight gymnastics, and therapeutic massage techniques including myofascial release and structural integration. 
When our bodies move better, we feel better. Movement is our medicine. Our bodies affect our thoughts and our thoughts create our realities. Elevate your reality and become a Levatation Specialist.
The hammock supports the weight of the body in order to attain optimal alignment in yoga asana. Aerial Yoga can bring new awareness and passion to your traditional practice. In this training you will learn how to effectively teach mid-air classes that strengthen and decompress the body.
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